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A victory for Victory Gardens!


We designed this website for Victory Gardens San Diego. Very happy to have worked with this wonderful group of people who are doing great things for the community.

Love. Play. House.


Identity design for a fellow music lover.

The Un-Road Trip


I created this for Hostelling International San Diego’s Annual meeting. Fun project to work on!

Fresh Logo


This is a logo for a research study called FRESH (Family, Responsibility, Education, Support & Health). They teach families healthy eating and lifestyle habits. It was a lot of fun to work on!

New Midnight Madness Illustration!


The new Midnight Madness illustration has been approved! This will appear on t-shirts, posters, flyers and more.

Midnight Madness Design


This is a design created for San Diego’s Midnight Madness bike ride. I wanted to capture the fun tone of the event.

Eyes & Ears Update


The art show was a success! Thanks to Ginger, Drew, John and everyone who came out to support.

Living Solutions



Logo and business card design for an interior design firm. Jill and Gina were great to work with!

Spring Art Show


Please come join us and view my new paintings, my friend Ginger’s beautiful photos, and listen to the music stylings of Marc Williams and Mark Quark.

Holiday Card 2009


This card was created by combining a pencil drawing of the deer with an ink drawing of the flowers and plants digitally, and the color was also applied digitally. We love mixing hand-done and digital mediums!