Animals As Messengers Book

This book was my thesis project for my MFA in Graphic Design.

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This is the abstract:
TITLE: An Investigation of How Animals Are Used and Perceived in Graphic Design
Animals are used extensively in graphic design to communicate marketing objectives. They are strong communicators because of the definite associations that the general public attributes to them. This thesis delves into the recent history of animals used in graphic design and advertising in the Western hemisphere, focusing primarily on the United States from the 20th century until present time. Additionally, the paper provides the results of research conducted in 2008 to determine exactly which qualities are associated with each animal studied, as well as which logo usages are most successful based on their memorability. The study had 247 participants, making it a valid resource for the graphic designer to consult when deciding whether or not to include a particular animal in a logo, brand, advertisement or marketing materials for a client. Further recommendations for the graphic designer are included, based on the success of particular logos and brands. The thesis also examines how the use of animals in graphic design and advertising affects the public’s perceptions of the animals. The visual portion of the thesis is provided in the form of an illustrated book to be used as a resource for the graphic designer.